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Ordinarily, the landlord — or the property agent of the landlord — prepares the Tenancy Agreement in accordance with the LOI. In the event of any legal disputes, the final outcome often hinges on this document. Note that the Singapore government does not standardise or protect tenancy arrangements to the same degree as many other countries, such as the US; as such, a TA may contain terms that you feel are unfair to you, yet are still enforceable. You are advised to have a property agent of your own to go through the TA, at least for your first time as a tenant in Singapore. In Singapore, the signing of the TA is often concurrent with your handing over of the security deposit. If there is any damage to the property besides fair wear and tear , the landlord can subtract the cost of damages from your security deposit. In general, the deposit is only used to cover damages for which you are directly responsible.

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This chapter provides information on pre-solicitation requests, various methods of solicitation and various sourcing tools. It also contains information on how to prepare and issue a solicitation. Contracting officers are reminded that Canada seeks competitive solicitations whenever possible. Various methods of solicitation may be used depending upon the circumstances of the particular procurement.

In such cases a call-up form may, or may not, be warranted.

The Wassenaar Arrangement has been established in order to contribute to regional and international security and stability, by promoting transparency and greater responsibility in transfers of conventional arms and dual-use goods and Wassenaar Arrangement Secretariat Wittenburg Castle – where agreement was.

By using the Service, you agree to this Agreement, our Privacy Policy and Safety Tips , and any terms that apply to in app purchase you make. You must be at least 18 to use the Service and not prohibited by law from using the Service. Your Account. If you use Facebook to access Tinder, you must authorize us to access certain information from Facebook to use Tinder. You agree to keep your account secure and confidential. Modifying the Services; Termination.

We may modify the Services at any time or discontinue them altogether. You can terminate your account in Settings, and we reserve the right to terminate it for you if you violate this Agreement or if we deem your use of the Service to be inappropriate. Be careful and be sure to read and follow our Safety Tips on interacting with people on or off of Tinder.

Tinder grants you the right to use our Service as authorized and permitted by this Agreement. See the Agreement for a full list of actions you agree not to take. You grant Tinder the right to display your profile and Content for the limited purpose of Tinder operating the Service and researching and developing new ones. See the Agreement for a list of the rules you agree to abide by when you use Tinder, such as not soliciting money from other users, harassing other users or using the Service for any illegal purposes.

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data processing and security terms as from the Terms Effective Date (as defined below). These Terms supplement the Agreement. Where the Agreement was.

Unless otherwise specified in the Agreement, the expressions listed below shall have the following meanings:. Those costs must be eligible under the Agreement and must be recorded at a fair value as agreed to by the Department. The term Subcontractor includes Canadian, international and local consultants. The term also includes cancelled cheques, bank drafts and other forms of data supporting disbursements.

Any assignment of the Agreement carried out without the prior written consent of the Department is null and void. Canadian Personnel working on the Project in a recipient country shall register with the Canadian Embassy or High Commission of this country. The Organization will keep the respective Canadian Embassy or High Commission informed regarding the Project, including the participation of Local Partners.

If assistance is needed, the Organization will advise the Canadian Embassy or High Commission in advance of planned stays in the recipient country with regard to the Project. The Department shall not be held liable for any loans, leases, capital leases or any other contractual commitments entered into by the Organization with any third party for the implementation of the Project. The Organization shall permit or cause to be permitted any authorized representative of the Department reasonable access to the site s of the Project to inspect and assess the progress of the Project and shall supply upon request such data and information as the Department may reasonably require for monitoring and evaluation purposes.

The Department reserves the right to proceed with a follow-up review, whenever it deems it necessary, during the implementation of the Project and for three 3 years following the expiry or early termination of the Agreement. The Department may, by written notice, suspend or terminate for convenience all or part of the Agreement, in which event the Organization shall have no claim against the Department by reason of such termination or suspension other than the reimbursement of reasonable and proper Eligible Costs actually incurred by the Organization up to the date of such termination or suspension, less any sums previously paid on account thereof.

The Department may reimburse proper and reasonable relocation costs as provided under the Agreement. The termination or suspension will take effect on the date stipulated in the notice from the Department.

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Please read this legally binding License Agreement between Sophos and Licensee carefully. By selecting the accept option, breaking the seal on the software package, or installing, copying or otherwise using the Products, Licensee acknowledges that Licensee has read, understands, and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License Agreement, including without limitation the terms and conditions of documents and policies that are incorporated herein by reference. If Licensee does not agree with the terms and conditions of this License Agreement, Licensee is not authorized to install or otherwise use the Products for any purpose whatsoever.

If Licensee returns the unused Products and all accompanying items in their original condition and packaging within twenty-one 21 calendar days of delivery by Sophos, together with proof of purchase, Licensee may receive a full refund. The Licensed Product does not have to be physically installed on the computer environment to provide benefit, nor is there a requirement for the computing hardware to be owned by the Licensee.

If the data is solely generated by the Licensed Product, then the Computer is not considered a Server.

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The United States armed forces shall have the use of all public utilities and services belonging to, or controlled or regulated by the Government of Japan, and shall enjoy priorities in such use, under conditions no less favorable than those that may be applicable from time to time to the ministries and agencies of the Government of Japan. The Government of Japan undertakes to furnish the United States armed forces with the following meteorological services in accordance with arrangements between the appropriate authorities of the two Governments:.

It is the duty of members of the United States armed forces, the civilian component, and their dependents to respect the law of Japan and to abstain from any activity inconsistent with the spirit of this Agreement, and, in particular, from any political activity in Japan. The United States may establish and operate, within the facilities and areas in use by the United States armed forces, United States military post offices for the use of members of the United States armed forces, the civilian component, and their dependents, for the transmission of mail between United States military post offices in Japan and between such military post offices and other United States post offices.

The United States may enroll and train eligible United States citizens residing in Japan, who apply for such enrollment, in the reserve organizations of the armed forces of the United States. Japan and the United States will cooperate in taking such steps as may from time to time be necessary to ensure the security of the United States armed forces, the members thereof, the civilian component, their dependents, and their property.

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Recognizing the growing importance of trade in services for the growth and development of the world economy;. Wishing to establish a multilateral framework of principles and rules for trade in services with a view to the expansion of such trade under conditions of transparency and progressive liberalization and as a means of promoting the economic growth of all trading partners and the development of developing countries;.

Desiring the early achievement of progressively higher levels of liberalization of trade in services through successive rounds of multilateral negotiations aimed at promoting the interests of all participants on a mutually advantageous basis and at securing an overall balance of rights and obligations, while giving due respect to national policy objectives;. Recognizing the right of Members to regulate, and to introduce new regulations, on the supply of services within their territories in order to meet national policy objectives and, given asymmetries existing with respect to the degree of development of services regulations in different countries, the particular need of developing countries to exercise this right;.

Taking particular account of the serious difficulty of the least-developed countries in view of their special economic situation and their development, trade and financial needs;. This Agreement applies to measures by Members affecting trade in services.

Your agreement appears on your credit report for 5 years from the start date of your agreement. This can sometimes be longer and may affect your ability to.

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General questions. Enrollment-specific questions General collaboration enrollment information. General Data Center enrollment information.

A security interest is a legal right granted by a debtor to a creditor over the debtor’s property Although most security interests are created by agreement between the parties, it is also possible for a security interest to arise by operation of law. To date, only Honduras has been able to fully enact and actually implement the.

To read agreements for a different country or region, change your location. Effective Date: The Payment Services Agreement is effective July 31, for Merchants who signed up before June 23, or immediately for all new Merchants who signed up on or after June 23, This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which you may utilize the Braintree Payment Services. In addition to the terms of this Agreement, you agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, as well as your applicable Bank Agreement s , which are incorporated herein by this reference.

Please be advised that this Agreement contains provisions, including an Agreement to Arbitrate, that govern how claims you and PayPal have against each other are resolved, which will, with limited exception, require the parties to submit claims they may have against one another to binding and final arbitration. Under the Agreement to Arbitrate, the parties will 1 only be permitted to pursue claims against each other on an individual basis, not as a plaintiff or class member in any class or representative action or proceeding and 2 only be permitted to seek relief including monetary, injunctive, and declaratory relief on an individual basis.

We reserve the right to revise our fees at any time, subject to a thirty 30 day notice period to you prior to the new fees taking effect. Interest shall accrue at the lower rate of 1. In the event that you have a good faith dispute as to the amounts due, you agree to pay the undisputed amounts. Interest shall not accrue on any disputed amounts so long as you pay such amounts within thirty 30 calendar days after resolution of the dispute.

Security interest

A security agreement refers to a document that provides a lender a security interest in a specified asset or property that is pledged as collateral. Terms and conditions are determined at the time the security agreement is drafted. Security agreements are a necessary part of the business world, as lenders would never extend credit to certain companies without them.

In the event that the borrower defaults, the pledged collateral can be seized by the lender and sold. Businesses and people need money to run and fund their operations. There are rarely cases where entities can fund themselves, which is why they turn to banks and other investment sources for capital.

The Loan is evidenced by that certain Healthcare Facility Note made by Borrower in favor of Lender, dated as of even date herewith (the “Note”), which Note is.

Both social and private non-subsidised housing can be rented in the Netherlands. Rules apply to both the tenant and the landlord. They cover security of tenure, rent, rent increases, maintenance, service charges, etc. Social housing tenants on low incomes are entitled to housing benefit if their rent is relatively high.

Houses are let subject to a tenancy agreement. The agreement sets out the terms and conditions agreed by the tenant and landlord. It states how high the rent is and whether the tenancy is for a fixed or an indefinite period. It must include:. A tenancy agreement does not need to be in writing. An oral agreement is also valid but is more difficult to prove.

You should take a witness with you if you want to conclude an oral agreement. A tenancy agreement is for either a fixed or an indefinite period. An agreement for a fixed period includes a final date.

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A security interest is a legal right granted by a debtor to a creditor over the debtor’s property usually referred to as the collateral [1] which enables the creditor to have recourse to the property if the debtor defaults in making payment or otherwise performing the secured obligations. Although most security interests are created by agreement between the parties , it is also possible for a security interest to arise by operation of law.

This lien arises by operation of law in the absence of any agreement between the parties.

AGREEMENT. THIS SERVICES AGREEMENT (The “Agreement”) is entered into this be made to Consultant for all work performed up to the date of termination. 5. Department of Homeland Security, that the Consultant does not employ.

These Terms supplement the Agreement. In addition, in these Terms:. These Terms will notwithstanding expiry of the Term, remain in effect until, and automatically expire upon, deletion of all Customer Data by Google as described in these Terms. If European Data Protection Law applies to the processing of Customer Personal Data and Customer is a processor, Customer warrants that its instructions and actions with respect to that Customer Personal Data, including its appointment of Google as another processor, have been authorized by the relevant controller.

Google will comply with the instructions described in Section 5. Google will enable Customer to delete Customer Data during the Term in a manner consistent with the functionality of the Services. Google will comply with this instruction as soon as reasonably practicable and within a maximum period of days, unless European or National Law requires storage. Google will, after a recovery period of up to 30 days following such expiry, comply with this instruction as soon as reasonably practicable and within a maximum period of days, unless European or National Law requires storage.

Without prejudice to Section 9. Google may update the Security Measures from time to time provided that such updates do not result in the degradation of the overall security of the Services. Google will: a take appropriate steps to ensure compliance with the Security Measures by its employees, contractors and Subprocessors to the extent applicable to their scope of performance, and b ensure that all persons authorized to process Customer Personal Data are under an obligation of confidentiality.

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A specified items or kinds of personal property, or. B one or more of the following: goods, investment property, instruments, documents of title, chattel paper, intangibles, money, crops or licences. A an insider, within the meaning of the Securities Act or section of the Business Corporations Act , of that affiliate, or. B an auditor of that affiliate, or. A one or more of the general partners, or.

B a person having at the time the notice is given control or management of the partnership business, or.

The date the TA is signed; The date the tenancy is to begin; Addresses for service for both the landlord and the tenant; A note stipulating.

Visit cdc. By law, the HIPAA Privacy Rule applies only to covered entities — health plans, health care clearinghouses, and certain health care providers. However, most health care providers and health plans do not carry out all of their health care activities and functions by themselves. Instead, they often use the services of a variety of other persons or businesses.

General Provision. The Privacy Rule requires that a covered entity obtain satisfactory assurances from its business associate that the business associate will appropriately safeguard the protected health information it receives or creates on behalf of the covered entity. The satisfactory assurances must be in writing, whether in the form of a contract or other agreement between the covered entity and the business associate.

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